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Book Review: Fiber Fueled

Not too long ago I shared the happy news on Instagram that I had finally received THE gut health book of the moment: ‘Fiber Fueled’ written by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz a.k.a. the Gut Health MD on Instagram.
Of course I want to share a review of the book, and my opinion on whether or not it’s worth your time. So keep reading for more information about Fiber Fueled!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the book, and decided it deserved a review.

About the Author: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

In the last year I have been following dr. B (as he calls himself in podcasts). He is a medical doctor and gastroenterologist that has specialised in gut health.

As he describes it himself, he started his medical training without any interest in nutrition, and didn’t have a healthy diet at all. He worked long hours on his internships and often ate take away.

This was the case for many years until he met his wife. She was vegetarian and he started looking into healthy eating and was completely blown away! The studies he found about the link between nutrition and health were overwhelming, and he decided to act on it.

Dr. B has his medical degree, has loads of experience in practice and did years of medical studies which he also published and has received awards for. It’s pretty impressive. And for me, all of this background proves that he is definitely a trustworthy source of information! He knows his shit (no pun intended).

About the Book

The book is divided into 3 main parts. The ‘Knowledge is Power’ part where Dr. B. explains the science behind the microbiome, and why it’s important for health.
The ‘Fiber Fueled Approach’ where Dr. B. explains which foods should and shouldn’t be consumed if you want your microbiome to thrive!
The ‘Fiber Fueled Plan’ where all the information is combined into lifestyle advice and a 4-week meal plan including recipes. So you can become Fiber Fueled too!

It’s pretty handy, especially when you don’t know where to start. Which I could totally imagine after getting a heap of information.

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Knowledge is Power

The information in the book is very well written and understandable for everyone. It supports my views and knowledge of the microbiome, and provides the sources on where to find that specific information and even more!

During the book it becomes (shockingly) clear just how many diseases and health issues can start with gut health. From diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis to lupus and many more!

Your gut bacteria do so much to strengthen your immune system and support overall health! It’s amazing.

After all the information about the gut, Dr. B. goes into medication and it’s effect on gut health. Luckily he’s a real doctor, so he can actually bring the balance between the need for those medications and the effect it has on your gut.

The next part in the book goes into nutrients and their effect on health and different types of fiber. I personally found the explanations super clear and helpful. And even I have been marking many lines to come back again for referral!

Fiber Fueled Approach

In this part of the book, Dr. B. explains which foods to eat and which not to eat. It comes down to plant-based variety! Plants in all colors, or ‘Eat the Rainbow’ as he says it. Dr. B. dives into all the plant-based variety you can (and should) have. to give you enough inspiration to start your food journey.

Gluten are not demonized in this book (which I totally agree with!) and grains can be eaten. The only products that should be left out for the microbiome are animal products, highly processed foods and large amounts of oil. No tight restrictions are given, but I can totally imagine a full plant-based and no animal products food plan can be a step too far for some people.

Dr. B. then spends a chapter on food sensitivities and the possibility of having your microbiome ‘get used’ to certain products by slowly and regularly including them into your diet. This was relatively new information for me, and is something I will certainly start trying! First on myself, and if it works, on my clients!

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After that, some attention is given to the FODMAP diet, and the meal plan also starts out as a low FODMAP meal plan. Where you try and build up your tolerance to FODMAPs over time.

Fermentation is also given a podium in the book, Dr. B. excitedly explains his love for fermented foods and fermenting foods himself. Which really gets you excited to start fermenting yourself!

After fermenting, he discusses prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. And goes on to the list of Fiber Fueled foods.

The Fiber Fueled foods have a nickname of F GOALS, where each letter stands for a food group you should eat. Fruit & Fermented, Greens & Grains, Omega-3 Super Seeds, Aromatics (onion and garlic), Legumes and Sulphoraphane (broccoli sprouts and cruciferous vegetables).
The nickname should make it easier to remember, but personally, for me, it did not stick.

Fiber Fueled Plan

This is where the eating fun begins! Dr. B. Starts with explaining important lifestyle habits like creating a health mindset, strive for 90% success, physical activity, timing of meals and mindful eating and stress reduction.

After you know all of that, Dr. B. will tell you exactly what to eat in the 4-week meal plan including all recipes and grocery lists. Super convenient! The recipes sound delicious, although I haven’t had the time to try them out yet. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the meals, which is usually a big factor for me to decide whether I want to eat it or not.

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The Verdict: Yes, Yes, Yes!

You might have guessed it…. I’m super positive about this book. I would not have expected anything else from the gut health doctor I’ve been following for a year now.

If you want to know more about gut health, the function of the microbiome and have a step by step plan to follow and implement it, definitely buy this book. (click the link to get directed to amazon)

The two tiny downsides to this book for me is the lack of recipe pictures and the fact that there is very little room for animal products. I’m not an advocate for the consumption of animal products (I personally try to eat them as little as possible). But I do believe that a small amount of fermented dairy or ripened cheese is doing no-one harm. But as mentioned above, strive for 90% success….. and then eat some cheese!

Have you heard about Dr. B. before?? Did you read his book? Let me know what you think in a comment below!

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