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DIY Beeswax Cloths

It can be very calming to be working with your hands. If you have a hobby, you probably know that. You get into the flow, create beautiful things and just feel relaxed and forget all about the time! This is great for your mental wellbeing, and having a happy mind, makes for a happier gut! Making your own beeswax cloths can certainly add to that!

An activity like this can help reduce your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms, since it helps you relax. Keeping busy with one easy task at a time is relaxing for your mind. Being stressed has a direct effect on your gut, the less stress you have the less symptoms you will have.

Why Make Beeswax Cloths

Today I want to share a tutorial on how to make your own beeswax cloths. To calm your mind with a nice activity, and to save the environment from the plastic soup! Replacing some of the plastic you use with a re-usable beeswax cloth can drastically reduce your waste (and thus save the planet!).

Unfortunately, I found out that buying beeswax cloths is quite expensive. You could easily buy beeswax cloths online at Amazon, as you can see in the link below. That’s still great for the environment, but not as fun! So I recommend you to try and make it yourself first!

You create the beeswax cloths by draining a piece of cloth with beeswax and jojoba oil. The beeswax makes the cloth easily rinse able and airtight. The jojoba oil is antibacterial and helps keep the cloth clean. Even though the jojoba oil is antibacterial, I would not recommend keeping raw meats in it, just to be safe.
After each use you can rinse the cloth with half warm water to rinse off any residue that got stuck to it. You can even wash it by hand with a gentle soap.
After 10 months, it’s about time to replace the cloth. Grab this opportunity to make yourself a batch of fresh ones!

How To Make Beeswax Cloths

To start making the beeswax cloths, you need to take some small preparations.
1. Buy beeswax (cosmetic grade) and jojoba oil. I bought mine online, but a bio store should probably also sell it.
2. Make sure you have either an oven or an flat iron and some baking paper.
3. Get yourself some pieces of cotton cloth. I used old bed sheets, but an old tablecloth, kitchen towel or just a piece of cloth you buy will all work fine. Using older cloths is better for the environment though!
4. Get your pinking shear ready!

Get Started!

Beeswax cloth jojoba and beeswax

Collect the following items to get your workplace ready:
– cotton fabric (make sure to iron it, to limit the amount of folds and creases in your beeswax cloth)
– pinking scissors
– flat iron or oven
– baking paper
– cooking pan
– bowl
– spoon
– beeswax
– jojoba oil

Beeswax cloths utensils

Cut the cotton in the desired shape. You could make squares, rectangles or circles and make them as big as you want. Do bear in mind that they either have to fit into your oven or within the baking paper to iron it.
I cut my shapes with the help of a piece of paper. I drew wide around the cups and bowls I wanted to use, cut out the paper shape and attached it to the fabric with some needles. But if you have a steady hand, you could also cut freely.

Beeswax cloths utensils

In the cooking pan, heat up a layer of water.

In the bowl, measure out the amount of beeswax and jojoba oil you need. This will be a bit of a guess, since you don’t really know how much wax you need for the cloth. Start with 15 grams of beeswax and add 10 ml of jojoba oil to it. You could always make another batch, if this is not enough.

Place the bowl into the water in the cooking pan, and heat it au bain-marie (which basically means you keep the bowl standing into the water). Let the beeswax with the jojoba oil melt, and mix thoroughly.

Beeswax cloth
Oven:Flat Iron:
Preheat the oven to 95 degrees Celcius. Place a piece of baking paper and your cotton cloth on the baking tray and warm them up. Place your cotton cloth on to the baking paper and use the spoon to drizzle the beeswax-jojoba mixture over it.
Take the baking tray and cloth from the oven and use the spoon to drizzle the beeswax-jojoba mixture over it.Cover the cloth with another piece of baking paper and iron it from the middle to the sides to properly spread all the beeswax-jojoba over the cloth.
Place the tray back into the oven and heat at 95 degrees celsius for about 7 minutes. The beeswax-jojoba mixture will spread over the cloth and become a little shiny.Once everything is properly spread (you could add some extra if see lighter patches), lift the cotton cloth from the baking paper and let it dry to the air for about 30 seconds.
Take the tray from the oven and use a piece of spare cloth to dab away any extra beeswax mixture. If you feel like the mixture has not spread evenly (if you see lighter patches), you can add a little extra mixture and reheat the cloth.Repeat the steps if you want to make more.
Once you’re happy with the result, take the cloth from the baking tray and hold on the corners. Let it dry to the air for about 30 seconds. It dries really fast.
And you’re done! You can repeat the steps multiple times to create multiple cloths.

Now, your beeswax cloths are ready for use! Have you made them? Or do you use them bought? Let me know what your experience is!

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