FODMAP spread recipe peas, feta and mint
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Low-Fodmap spread recipe with Pea and Feta

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When I do my shopping, I always spend a lot of time in the supermarket. Almost all products attract my attention and I want to read all the labels!
Last week I walked into my local supermarket when a vegetable spread caught my attention. My curiosity got the better of me and got me inspecting the ingredient label. It looked healthy, but how healthy is it?!
Unfortunately, I often find out that there are ingredients that I would rather not see. Added salt, additives, sweeteners, garlic or onion powder or added sugars. Not ideal if you want to eat healthily…..
Fortunately, the packaging often gives me enough information to create my own variety at home! And that is of course exactly what I did with this low FODMAP spread recipe!

FODMAP spread recipe peas, feta and mint

Healthy Vegetable Spread

The never-ending search for a healthy way to top my bread, crackers, wraps, and pancakes is slowly paying off!
By making your own spreads, you know the exact ingredients, can adjust it how you like it most, and that way you can have a new taste every week. In contrast to the uniform (and often salty) taste of factory products.
Today I share a recipe to make a healthy vegetable spread. This vegetable spread consists of peas, feta, and mint. It won’t get any simpler than this!


This vegetable spread can be used within the low-FODMAP diet. But it is important to pay attention to portion size. The canned peas are low FODMAP up to 45 grams. Do remember to give them a rinse, to wash away any added salt.
Don’t use frozen peas, the low FODMAP portion size is 15g, and this is too little to actually use it. Depending on the peas you use, you can eat more / less. The feta contains minimal amounts of lactose and does not have an upper limit for FODMAPs. Mint is naturally low in FODMAPs, so that will not cause you any problems!

The FODMAP that is present in peas is GOS. It is important not to combine this spread with more than one other product that contains GOS. You can find this information in the Monash University FODMAP app. If you were to combine more than 2 products that contain the same FODMAP (in this case GOS), you could still get symptoms due to FODMAP stacking.

Storage of the FODMAP spread

In case you made a little too much to consume immediately, this spread is perfectly storable in the freezer. Divide the spread into portions and freeze them. If you have some extra space in the freezer, I’d recommend freezing the spread in little piles on a baking sheet. Once they’re frozen, you can store them together in a jar or bag in the freezer. This way, you’ll always have a premade portion to defrost when you need it!


Do you have a party or potluck in the planning? This dip tastes great combined with wholemeal toast or a fresh slice of sourdough bread.
My friends were impressed by the taste of this dip, it really is surprisingly tasty!

Pea feta spread

Low-FODMAP spread with pea, feta and mint

Recipe by Positive Gut –

A delicious and refreshing low-FODMAP vegetable spread. Great to spread on a sandwich, whole grain cracker or to use as a healthy dip for a party night! Use max. 45 grams to keep it low FODMAP
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Servings 7 portions


  • Blender or food processor


  • 250 g peas canned
  • 150 g feta choose a good quality feta (so no white cheese), preferably one made around the area of Greece, Turkey
  • 20 leaves fresh mint


  • Put all ingredients together in a blender or food processor. Puree it into a smooth mass. And enjoy!

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