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low FODMAP Pantry

With all the recent events in mind (the COVID lockdown), I figured that some information on how to create a low FODMAP (and healthy!) pantry, could be very useful to many!
The Coronavirus and the home isolation makes it harder to get your fresh foods from the supermarket every day. So having (or creating) a properly organized pantry is very useful at this moment! Even when the Coronavirus is hopefully under control in a couple of weeks/months, it’s nice to have some backup.

FODMAP pantry

Criteria for low FODMAP Pantry Products

When shopping for your pantry, it’s good to have some criteria in mind that you want to match your products to. It’s relatively easy to find yourself unhealthy products that keep for a long time. But unfortunately, your gut won’t thank you for that in the long run. So to always be able to create a healthy meal, pick the healthy products that keep for a long time.

For my list of products in the healthy pantry, I decided to make sure they are as natural as possible (for a product that keeps) and ideally contain some fiber. Apart from that, I want them to keep well for at least a couple of weeks.

If you do go out to buy the FODMAP pantry products, be aware that different brands can have different added ingredients. Some brands may be low FODMAP, while others aren’t. So keep checking those ingredient lists!

The Healthy FODMAP Pantry List

To make it a little bit easier to navigate through the list, I categorized the products. Let’s go!

The product names that have a link attached to it, link to the product on Amazon, to start creating your pantry immediately!

Grain basedLow FODMAP Portion Size
Oats50 grams
Schär gluten-free Brown Ciabatta Rolls50 grams
Schär gluten-free wholesome seeded loaf27 grams
Buckwheat flakes120 grams
Buckwheat flour, wholemeal100 grams
Quinoa155 grams
Quinoa flour100 grams
Teff flour100 grams
Nutritional yeast flakes16 grams
Brown riceunlimited
Red rice190 grams
Soba noodles90 grams
Fruit and vegetablesLow FODMAP Portion Size
Canned artichoke hearts50 grams
Canned bamboo shoots84 grams
Canned baby corn80 grams
Pickles (check added ingredients!)28 grams
Canned mushrooms75 grams
Olives, green and black60 grams
Canned tomato92 grams
Dairy and dairy replacementsLow FODMAP Portion Size
Almond milk240 grams
Hemp milk120 grams
Lactose-free milk257 grams
Macadamia milk240 grams
Oat milk125 grams
Quinoa milk240 grams
Rice milk200 grams
Fish, eggs Low FODMAP Portion Size
Canned salmonunlimited
Canned sardines unlimited
Canned tuna unlimited
Eggs unlimited
Beans Low FODMAP Portion Size
Canned adzuki beans35 grams
Canned chickpeas42 grams
Canned garbanzo beans42 grams
Canned lentils46 grams
Canned pinto beans45 grams
Nuts and seeds Low FODMAP Portion Size
Brazil nuts40 grams
Canned Chestnuts168 grams
Flaxseeds15 grams
Macadamia40 grams
Pecan nuts20 grams
Pine nuts14 grams
Chia seeds24 grams
Hemp seeds20 grams
Poppy seeds24 grams
Pumpkin seeds23 grams
Sesame seeds11 grams
Sunflower seeds6 grams
Walnuts30 grams
Fats and oils Low FODMAP Portion Size
Olive oilunlimited
Plant-based oilsunlimited
Herbs and spices Low FODMAP Portion Size
All types, except garlic and onionunlimited
Other Low FODMAP Portion Size
Cocoa powder8 grams
Jam from a low FODMAP fruit like strawberryunlimited
Capers8 grams
Ketjap manis20 grams
Dijon mustard23 grams
Oyster sauce20 grams
Peanut butter50 grams
Soy sauce42 grams
Sweet and sour sauce44 grams
Tomato paste28 grams
Vinegar (apple cider, malt, red wine, rice wine)42 grams
Balsamic vinegar21 grams
FODMAP pantry infographic

You might have noticed that I didn’t include meat on the list. That’s because meat isn’t too healthy for your gut. And especially canned and processed meat is good to avoid. If you want to read more about that, click this link.

Are there any low FODMAP products that you have ready in your pantry? Let me know in a comment!

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