FODMAP Mushrooms
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Mushrooms and the FODMAP Diet: Can You Eat Them?

Mushrooms, personally I find them to be one of the tastiest ingredients to use. Although mushrooms are seen as vegetables, they are officially a funghi. Nonetheless, they are a great source of fiber and nutrients, so it’s smart to include them in your diet when you can.
But how does that work when you’re following the FODMAP diet? Can you even eat Mushrooms during the low FODMAP diet?

If you want to read more about the FODMAP diet first, click here to read the article I wrote about that.

FODMAP Mushrooms

Mushrooms and FODMAP

When checking the FODMAP content of mushrooms, it is important to know that not all mushrooms contain the same FODMAP. So you may be able to eat one type of mushroom while another type contains a FODMAP you’re intolerant to.

It is important for gut health to keep a diverse food pattern. So try to figure out which mushrooms you can eat, and include them in your diet to feed your healthy gut bacteria.

Which FODMAPs are Found in Mushrooms?

The most common FODMAP found in mushrooms is mannitol, and some mushrooms contain fructans or sorbitol.

During the FODMAP diet, it is essential to remember that it’s a low FODMAP diet, and not a NO FODMAP diet. So even small portions of a FODMAP are allowed to eat. You don’t have to get nervous if you’re eating a bite of a food that contains FODMAPs, because in 95% of the cases that won’t cause any problems.

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The Mushrooms and their FODMAP

Let’s start with the good news here, oyster mushrooms have been tested and have been proven to be low FODMAP up to 1 kg. Since nobody will ever eat that much in one serving, the oyster mushrooms are free to use! Check out this low FODMAP oyster mushroom soup, to celebrate this knowledge with a meal!

The other mushrooms that have been tested for FODMAP content, do have higher amounts of FODMAPs present (unfortunately).

In the list below I have provided the different mushrooms that have been tested, the FODMAP that is present and the portion you can use to stay low FODMAP.

FODMAP Mushrooms
MushroomFODMAPlow FODMAP portion
Button mushroomMannitol, Fructans0g for mannitol
37g for fructans
Enoki mushroomMannitol0g
Porcini mushroom (dried)Mannitol10g
Portobello mushroomMannitol10g
Shiitake mushroomMannitol10g
Shiitake mushroom (dried)Mannitol7g
Black Cantherelle mushroom (dried)Sorbitol3g
Champignon mushroom (canned)Mannitol200g
Oyster mushroomSorbitol, Mannitol1 kg
FODMAP content in mushrooms

Something that may have caught your attention is the fact that the canned mushrooms have a bigger low FODMAP portion size than their fresh counterparts. This can be explained by the fact that FODMAPs are water-soluble. When a product that contains FODMAPs is soaked in water for a longer period of time, the FODMAPs will dissolve into the water. Then when you rinse away the water, the FODMAP content of the product will be lower. Convenient right!?

Have you been using mushrooms in your FODMAP diet? What is your favorite meal to make? Let me know in a comment below!

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