Oats and fodmap
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Oats and the FODMAP Diet

When you’re first starting on the FODMAP diet, it might feel a little overwhelming. What am I going to eat for lunch or breakfast? How am I going to reach satiety after a meal? Do I have to buy expensive brands now? Oats can be the answer to a lot of these kinds of problems! But how to use oats on the FODMAP diet?

Oats and the FODMAP diet

The FODMAP in Oats

Oats are a great source of nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. And you can actually eat them on the FODMAP diet! Hurray!
The FODMAP that is present in oats is the Oligosaccharides-fructans and GOS. That might sound a little complicated, but you can read all about that in my article about the FODMAP diet.

The fact that there are some oligosaccharides in oats, does NOT mean you can’t eat them. When testing the FODMAP content of foods, the Monash University has set limits for the amount of FODMAP’s a food can contain. There are limits for green portion sizes (a.k.a. safe), orange portion sizes (a.k.a. don’t eat too much!) and red portion sizes (a.k.a. stay away!).
Oats have a proper portion size in the green area. That’s why they’re of great nutritional value for the diet!

The safe portion size given by the Monash University FODMAP app is 52 grams. A note is added that large servings, above 78 grams contain high amounts of FODMAP-Fructans and GOS. So be mindful of the portion size you’re going to use!

52 grams is a great amount to make yourself a low FODMAP porridge, with rice milk or almond milk for example and some low FODMAP fruits! Tasty!
Another (great) option is to try my recipe for Healthy Banana Pancakes!
And if you’re not feeling sweet at the moment, you could also try a savory oat bowl. Just mix the oats with water, heat it up, and add your favorite savory toppings. I tried mine with some Italian herbs, aged cheese, cherry tomatoes and a baked egg on top. I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

The Nutritional Value of Oats

As said before, oats have a lot of nutritional value. Even when you’re not on the FODMAP diet they’re a great choice.
The problem with the FODMAP diet is that there are very little grains that actually have a low FODMAP content and are high in fiber. So reaching your recommended daily intake of 30 grams of fiber can become a little challenging!
50 grams of oats provide 3,7 grams of fiber, this is more than 10% of your daily recommended 30 grams of fiber!
As mentioned in my article about gut bacteria, the fiber is a great nutritional source for your gut bacteria. Keeping them happy.

The fiber in oats is mostly soluble fiber, this type of fiber helps retain moisture in the digestive tract and binds it. Helping to reach satiety and to create the perfect stool.

Another great health benefit of oats is that they can help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Oats contain ‘beta-glucan’ and studies have shown that ‘beta-glucan’ effectively lowers cholesterol levels.

If you choose to use whole oats (the one you have to cook for a longer period of time) they also contain antioxidants, which help lower inflammation in the body.

Oats and Gluten

For the FODMAP diet, you do not have to worry about buying special brand gluten-free oats. The FODMAP diet is not about the gluten content in foods, and you can actually eat gluten (read more about gluten in my article). That being said, most gluten-containing foods do contain FODMAP’s. Which is why most of these foods are not allowed on the FODMAP diet.

Oats are naturally gluten-free. The reason they often contain small amounts of gluten, is that they are often being produced in fields (or factories) next to wheat or other gluten-containing grains. This means they usually get ‘contaminated’ by the grains they’re standing next to. This results in them being unsafe for people with celiac disease. For the FODMAP diet though, this is no problem.

Enough reason to include the oats in your FODMAP diet! Create a wholesome and satiating food pattern for yourself while on the diet. This helps keep your body, gut and yourself happy. Making life a little easier.

Have you been using oats in your FODMAP diet? Let me know your favorite recipes in a comment below!

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  1. Please can you say what 52g of oats is in terms of a tablespoon or a dessert spoon. I don’t do grams!

    1. Hi there, 52 grams (according to Google) is 9,5 US tablespoons. If you run into this problem with other recipes I’d recommend asking Google, that will probably get you an answer quicker 🙂 Good luck!

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