FODMAP FAQ: How do Portion Sizes on the FODMAP Diet work?

FODMAP FAQ: How do Portion Sizes on the FODMAP Diet work?
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)

One of the questions I get asked a lot in my dietitian practice relates to portion sizes on the FODMAP diet. Sometimes there are very big gaps between a ‘green’ portion size and a ‘orange’ or ‘red’ portion size. Why is the gap so big? What about the portions in between? Today I’d like to shine a light on portion sizes on the FODMAP diet.

Where to Find the FODMAP Portion sizes?

While following the FODMAP diet, it is very important to get your information from a reliable source. In my dietitian practice, I always use the Monash University FODMAP app (no affiliation involved in this link). Simply because they are THE University that does all the research and testing. This app will provide you with the most accurate and up to date information on the FODMAP content of the products you’re using.

The app will always be more up to date than any PDF or file you can download anywhere. That’s a big PLUS!

The FODMAP app will also provide you with information about the FODMAP that is present in a food, and which portion sizes are a safe bet.
It uses a traffic light system with ‘green’ portions, ‘orange’ portions, and ‘red’ portions. This way it tells you exactly what you can and can’t eat.

How to Navigate Yourself Through the FODMAP Portion sizes?

Screenshot from the Monash University FODMAP app

If you look at the screenshot of the Monash University app, you can see the traffic light in action.

In case of the aubergine, a portion size of 75 grams is green for every FODMAP.

A portion of 182 grams is orange for sorbitol.

And a portion of 260 grams is red for Sorbitol.

One thing that stands out in the FODMAP app in this case of aubergine, is the big gap between the ‘green’, ‘orange’ and ‘red’ portions.
What’s the deal if you were to eat 100 grams? Where would that leave you in the FODMAPs?

To be honest, that part is not very clearly explained.
The green servings have a note below them that multiple green foods can be combined in 1 meal. But in this case it’s important to keep in mind, that multiple ‘green’ foods with sorbitol all combined, can become an ‘orange’ or ‘red’ food because of FODMAP stacking.

What I tell my clients, is to stick to the ‘green’ portion sizes. That way you will always be sure you’re eating FODMAP safe portion sizes.
In this case I will add a note, if you’re not using any other sorbitol containing foods in the meal you’re making with aubergine, a portion of 90 grams instead of the ‘green’ 75 grams will be unlikely to cause any symptoms for you. But this has to be evaluated for each meal!

If you just want to be safe, stick to the ‘green’ portion sizes. If you’re unsure about the FODMAP diet and what to eat, find help from a specialized dietitian! Having the diet taylored to your needs and being able to ask all your questions to a reliable source will make it so much easier to do it right!

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Are there any products you came across and are unsure about? Let me know in a comment below!

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